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Three Ponds Community is based in Sand Springs, Oklahoma and has been growing since 2011. Our mission is to create a community promoting inner growth and connection with others and the world.  This is the story of its four phases of growth from 2011 to now. 

Phase 1: The creation of the I AM Yoga Festival in 2011 was the first step in connecting a community of like minded people. The goal of the I AM Yoga Festival was to connect the existing yoga community and to share the benefits of yoga with as many new people as possible.

When the I AM Yoga Festival started in 2011, there were only about three yoga studios in the Tulsa area. Today there are over 20 locations in the Tulsa area offering yoga on a regular basis and we believe that the creation of the I AM Yoga Festival was a big part of this growth.


Phase 2: The Creation of Be Love Yoga Studio in 2013. Be Love Yoga Studio was opened with the specific intention of giving the newly created community a home base to gather and practice yoga on a daily basis. Be Love Yoga Studio also sees itself as a spiritual home for a growing group of people who have stepped away from traditional religious culture. We aggressively expanded in to three cities, Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and Jenks as quickly as we could to provide a safe space for those who are looking for a loving community. 

Phase 3: The creation of the Big Om Yoga Retreat in 2016. The Big Om Yoga Retreat is a seasonal retreat that offers the community a chance to connect deeper with a full weekend of yoga, learning, food, and fun. The retreat creates a temporary real life community that learns together, grows together, plays together, and eats together. A strong desire has been created from our time together at the Big Om Yoga Retreats to build the Be Love Community and Retreat Center.

Phase 4: The Creation of the Coalition for Intentional Community. This group was created to help develop the details behind Three Ponds Community before it existed. We have found a permanent home at Three Ponds Community and are gathering the people who will support this idea monetarily and voluntarily, as well as those interested in taking part of the living community full-time.  

Our vision:Three Ponds Community provides authentic experiences and sustainable opportunities for growth through love, self-acceptance, and connection. This work propels us toward unity within ourselves and peace on earth.

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