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Purchase the land:

Our first goal is to purchase the land.  This step is complete!

Live on the land:

The land we have located already has a three bedroom house. The house is now re-built and livable. We would love your help working on the land and our many other projects. Now that the house is livable we will begin to renovate the barn and build our first bit of bunkhouse sleeping. Soon thereafter we will begin the buildout of the first bit of infrastructure and our initial additional housing which will be small, fast, and affordable.  From this point the larger and ongoing buildout of the community will happen.

Master Architect Plan:

All of these steps will fit into our master architect plan.  This is to ensure that we grow organically with as little setback as possible.

1. Purchase Land *finished

    2. Initial Concept Sketch *pending


II.  Build Initial Housing

    Action Steps:

    1.  Renovate current house and barn.*process underway

    2.  Research and determine alternative or temporary housing​

    3. Meet with Architect and finalize initial Concept


III.  Land Development for Infrastructure, Farming and Sustainability


IV.  Create a Common Space for Meetings, Workshops and other Projects


V.  Build Commercial Kitchen


VI.  Land Development Phase II: based on demand


VII.  Build More Permanent Community Housing


VIII:  Build Community Center

    Action Steps:  

    1.  Meet with Architects

    2.  Determining to include both large event space and other multi-functional spaces.


IX.  Complete Community Build Out

    1.  Apartment Housing or other communal housing

    2.  Lodging for Community Center

    3.  Additional Projects.  

*This is the frame of our plan.  Join our email list and meetings to get more extensive details on how you can grow this community.

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